Ryan Sheckler (@shecks) and @MikeManzoori #BTS review footage shot on #TYTO for the recent @Etnies “Marana” commercial. #PMGMultirotors #gimbal #stabilizer #Handheld #skateboarding #mikemanzoori #ryansheckler #etnies #LA #CA #Marana

The ABCs of Ryan Sheckler - Zumiez Couch Tour and 100K


Ryan estava no topo da lista quando a Plan B ressurgiu. Sua história VERDADEIRA será uma para os livros. O trabalho duro e a lealdade de Ryan se mostram casa vez que ele pisa em seu skate. - Plan B Skateboards. 

The ABCs of Ryan Sheckler - Woodward

Wow. I forgot to do ‘W’ for the Sheckler ABCs. Sorry, guys. I’ll go do it now. Lol.

The ABCs of Ryan Sheckler - Youngest to win X Games Gold

That gold medal I won when I was 13 changed my life. It opened everyone’s eyes to who I was. Everyone all of a sudden knew who I was. I still have a Guinness Book of World Records plaque for being the youngest person to ever win the X Games.”

The ABCs of Ryan Sheckler - X Games

The X Games have become a monster in action sports. It’s the biggest action sports contest and everyone wants a gold medal.”

The ABCs of Ryan Sheckler - Volcom

I’ve always wanted to be on Volcom. I felt like Volcom was a good fit for me and I worked well with everyone that works there.”

The ABCs of Ryan Sheckler - Underwear by Ethika

The ABCs of Ryan Sheckler - Tattoos

"My most significant and important tattoo on my body is ‘skate life.’ It represents everything about me."

The ABCs of Ryan ShecklerSkateboarding

“My passion for skating has, if anything, grown just from being able to travel the way I travel and meeting the people I get to meet and helping the people I really want to help.”

The ABCs of Ryan ShecklerRed Bull

The ABCs of Ryan Sheckler - Quotes